Great Plains Technology Center

High School Career Programs

Maybe you don't have specific plans for what you want to do after high school graduation, or maybe you do.

Maybe you know you are going to college or maybe you don't know.

Maybe you like to work outdoors, indoors or a little bit of both.

And maybe you like to work hands-on or on a computer.

Whatever the case may be, you owe it to yourself to check out the half-day programs we offer for high school juniors and seniors at Great Plains Tech. Take a few minutes to discover the great choices we provide as an extension to your high school's courses.


Transportation is available to and from Great Plains partner high schools. Buses run daily, Monday through Friday. Home school students need to arrange transportation from home to the local high school in order to ride the buses. 

Students may also provide their own transportation. High school students and adults enrolled in full-time programs should register their automobiles in the Attendance Office, Room 111, to receive a parking sticker.

Great Plains is also a primary stop on the Lawton Area Transportation System, (LATS). Tickets are available in the Business Office, Room 101.