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Find a career you love.

Great Plains Tech offers a wide variety of education opportunities for you to develop the job skills  you need to do the work you love in the high demand occupations needed today. Dozens of career outcomes are possible and our programs prepare you for a variety of certifications and licenses. If you are interested in evening  classes, check out our Adult Career Development Education Plans. If you are an adult  interested in full-time, daytime program career majors, check out our Adult Career Programs.

Meet your Success Team!

Kristy Barnett

Kristy Barnett
Disability Services Coordinator/Career Counselor 

Student Resource Center
Building 100, Room 111
Great Plains Technology Center
4500 W Lee Blvd Lawton, OK



Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
7:45 am - 6:00 pm

7:45 am - 4:15 pm

Academic Center (AC) - The AC Coordinator will work with all students who are currently enrolled or planning to enroll at Great Plains. 

  • To improve Math, Reading, or Communication skills
  • To implement a plan for improvement
  • To develop effective study skills/techniques

Visit the AC Coordinator for additional information in Building 100 or 580-250-5529 for more information.

Employment Advisor - The Employment Advisor will provide assistance with job seeking activities. 

  • To assist with employment search
  • To assist with job seeking activities such as OJT, Job Shadowing and Mentoring
  • To give advice with interviewing skills, resume development, professional dress, and other career development
  • Partnership between student and Employment Advisor is vital to ensure successful career development and employment goals
  • Coordinate the Part-Time Job Fair and Spring Career Fair

Visit the Employment Advisor in Building 100 or call 580-250-5684 for more information.

Career Advisors – The Career Advisors help students in the enrollment process.

  • Assist with career advisement, planning, and enrollment with current and prospective students
  • Guide applicants and clients with the online application process for both full-time and short-term (CE) registrations
  • Trouble shoot online registration/application issues

Contact one of the Career Advisors in Building 100 or to schedule an appointment call 580-250-5535.

Career Counselors – The Career Counselor offers counseling services to help students be successful in their career tech programs.

  • For assistant with student orientation, career counseling, academic counseling
  • To develop career plans, decision-making, goal setting
  • To select the right course of study or to schedule a sequence of classes that lead to the best skill development for you
  • For crisis counseling and referrals to other counseling services

Contact one of the Career Counselors in Building 100 or to schedule an appointment call 580-250-5535.

Disability ServicesThe Disability Services Coordinator is committed to meeting the needs of students with disabilities based upon documentation of a disability provided by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. The Disability Services Coordinator will assist students with disabilities by facilitating academic services while working with classroom instructors, students, partner school, referral agency, and/or parents. Please visit the Disability Services Coordinator in building 100 or phone 250-5531 for an appointment.

Financial Assistance - Sources of financial assistance are Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Work Study or Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant. The Great Plains Technology Center Foundation also provides a limited number of scholarships. Other sources of financial help within our community include ASCOG (Association of South-Central Oklahoma Governments) and Oklahoma Department of Human Services employment training services. For more information, visit the Financial Aid Coordinator in Building 100 or call 250-5534.

Veterans Education and Training Benefits - We can assist you in filing a claim for education benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Contact our Financial Aid Coordinator in Building 100 or call 250-5534.