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Find a career you love.

Great Plains Tech offers a wide variety of education opportunities for you to develop the job skills  you need to do the work you love in the high demand occupations needed today. Dozens of career outcomes are possible and our programs prepare you for a variety of certifications and licenses. If you are interested in evening  classes, check out our Adult Career Development Education Plans. If you are an adult  interested in full-time, daytime program career majors, check out our Adult Career Programs.

Courtney Ferguson, Director

Courtney Ferguson
Director of Student Support Services


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Student Support Services Secretary


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Student Support Services


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Student Services
Building 100, Room 107
Great Plains Technology Center
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Mon – Fri 7:45 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Receive hands-on experience and connect with experienced professionals

The career courses combine classroom instruction with hands-on projects so you can learn in a realistic and relevant way. Many of the course also provide real world projects that give you the bonus of contact with experienced  professionals in the trade.

Upgrade skills

Wow your boss by attending a part time course! Whether you want to earn an advanced license, improve your accounting skills, or just take your abilities to the next level. we have the class just for you.  Check out our current courses to find the one that will make you indispensable.

Prepare for certification

Certifications and licenses show the world you can do it.  Whether you’re seeking certification in computer technology, child development, health care, security, welding or another field, Great Plans Tech can get you there.  Don’t delay. Open new  doors by gaining certification in highly sought after fields. Call your career counselor today.

Get retrained

You may be ready for a higher paying job, or maybe you would like to work from home! We have several classes that can help you get ready for a change. Is sitting behind a desk not your idea of fun? We have courses that can prepare you for an exciting new job or career, while holding down your current job.  Talk to a career counselor  and step into your future with confidence.

Have fun

 Many of the part time classes at Great Plains Technology Center are lots of fun.  Take a class to learning about something you have always wished you could do. 

  • Let your imagination soar as you create winning photographs and compositions with Digital Photography and Photoshop Elements.
  • Prep for an IT career with A+ Certification, CISCO, or Network+ Certification.
  • Jump start your career in the health industry with Long Term Nurse Aide.
  • Step-by-Step instruction in Motorcycle Safety will enable you to ride with confidence!
  • Learn to build your own special project in Cabinet Making.

To find out more, check the Tech Tab.

Qualify for a career course

Many of the career courses have prerequisites.   Great Plains Tech offers classes just to help you meet those requirements. Prerequisite classes are available for Medical Terminology, Math for Health Occupations,  Anatomy and Physiology, and more. Enroll early because , these classes fill quickly!

So you don’t think you need that prerequisite class? Challenge the requirement by testing for Medical Terminology, Math for Health Occupations, and/or Anatomy and Physiology. Call 580-250-5500.