Great Plains Technology Center


Pre-Engineering student working assembling a project.

Who can attend?

 High School

You will learn to:

  • Work individually and in teams to solve unique engineering challenges using advanced science and mathematics
  • Explore, experience, and create innovative projects in the diverse fields of engineering
  • Invent, design, and apply solutions to complex engineering projects from concept to completion


Lawton - Main Campus


This is an intensive three-year academy that enables you to look at different types of engineering while emphasizing higher academics. You will study pre-engineering through Project-Lead-the-Way curriculum that will introduce you to the concepts and principles of engineering, with a strong emphasis on developing problem solving skills. You will also study advanced math courses that may include Advanced  Algebra II, AP Precalculus, AP Calculus, and AP Physics as well as advanced science courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Advanced Chemistry, and AP Biology. When you complete the program, you will have been exposed to a diverse curriculum that will better equip you to choose a major at the college/university level. You will also have the strong math and science foundation needed to enter a college/university program in a science related fiel

Education Paths

The following list for this program does not represent immediate opportunities; additional training is required for the options listed.

  • A career in science
  • A career in technology
  • A career in mathematics
  • A career in engineering
  • A career in research and development
  • A career in laboratory, testing, and investigative service

Scheduling Information

Class Meets: Monday - Friday
AM Session: 8:00 am-11:00am 
PM Session: 11:50am-2:50pm
720 hours - 2 years
1080 hours - 3 years

Cost of Attendance Summary 

Secondary (High School) Students

  • Tuition: Free
  • Student Estimated Expenses 2yr: $263.00
  • Student Estimated Expenses 3yr: $255.00
Marcia Brown
Pre-Engineering-PLTW Instructor


Gradena Coffey
Pre-Engineering-PLTW Instructor


Patrika Renschen
Pre-Engineering-PLTW Instructor


Brandon Atwood
Pre-Engineering-PLTW Instructor


Laurie Schoening

Laurie Schoening
Pre-Engineering-PLTW Instructor

585-6416 Ext 4663

Christopher Meyer
Pre-Engineering-PLTW Instructor


Applying for this Program

I truly enjoy sharing the world of engineering and calculus with students who are excited and committed to the subjects."
Marcia Brown, Instructor

The positive atmosphere at this school makes it a pleasant and rewarding place to be. This is felt by the faculty and students, alike."
Gradena Coffey, Instructor

It is a joy to work at Great Plains due to the pleasant staff who are always willing to help each other. Additionally, the smaller class sizes make it much easier to give each student individual assistance."
Dana Ponder, Instructor