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Industry-Relevant Certifications Earned Leads to Positive Placement Rates

As February approaches, so does the observance of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month—a time dedicated to recognizing the importance of career skills, education, and training. We all at Great Plains Technology Center are proud to join this national and statewide celebration. CTE month helps shed light on Oklahoma CareerTech and Great Plains Technology Center's crucial roles as a link between workforce development and local industry, fostering a talent pipeline to meet the state's workforce needs.

Our goal at Great Plains Tech is to empower students with the skills and training they need to enter the workforce and succeed in their careers and life. We are proud to be integrated into the communities we serve, and CTE month in February is the perfect time to celebrate our special relationships with our K-12 districts, higher educational institutions, our community, and business partners.

Programs at Great Plains Tech are designed to equip students with practical skills, hands-on experience, and gain a solid foundation in their chosen fields through industry-relevant training taught by instructors with industry credentials and real-world experience in the subjects they teach. 

A key aspect of Great Plains Tech and other Oklahoma CareerTech technology centers is the emphasis on bridging the gap between education and the workforce. CareerTech programs empower students to enter the job market with a competitive edge by offering specialized training in various industries. CareerTech equips individuals with the skills needed to thrive in today's dynamic and ever changing work environment, whether in healthcare, technology, trade, industrial, or any other employment sector.

What truly sets Oklahoma CareerTech and Great Plains Tech apart is the unwavering commitment to ensuring positive outcomes for our graduates. A notable feature of the quality training we provide at Great Plains Tech is the numerous opportunities our students have to earn industry-relevant certifications such as Adobe Certified Professional, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), CompTIA, CISCO, CLEET, NCLEX-PN, ARC Welder, Oklahoma Pipe Welder Certification, Commercial Electrician's Associate, and Oklahoma Department of CareerTech Endorsements to name a few. During our last fiscal year, 846 student certifications were earned by high school and adult students contributing to a 93% positive placement rate for our students. This means they are either gainfully employed, contributing to our nation's defense through military service, or continuing their education. These numbers affirm the effectiveness of our programs in facilitating successful transitions into the workforce or further education.

Parents and community members also play a vital role in the success of Career and Technical Education Month recognition. By understanding the impact of career education, they can support students in pursuing their passions and realizing their full potential. Recognizing career and technical education as an integral part of the education system contributes to building a skilled and diverse workforce that meets the demands of a rapidly evolving job market.

Career and Technical Education Month serves as a platform to celebrate the achievements of CareerTech programs and their positive impact on individuals and communities. By fostering a greater appreciation for career education, we contribute to the development of a workforce that is well-prepared, versatile, and ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

As Career and Technical Education month unfolds, Great Plains Technology Center encourages everyone to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of the Oklahoma CareerTech system to its students, our communities, and Oklahoma businesses. Great Plains Technology Center and Oklahoma are proudly powered by CareerTech.

Clarence Fortney, Superintendent
Great Plains Technology Center

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