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Service Careers

This program prepares students to work in the hospitality industry as an assistant to a custodian. Instruction includes hand tools, chemical safety, maintaining floor and other surfaces, laundry, and facility care.

"Teaching at Great Plains prepares students to be Career Ready upon completing this program. Great Plains provides all resources and facilities in order for me to properly train students for careers as "1st Impression and Cleaning Specialists". Students will know the importance of cleanliness for our local community businesses and proficiently perform a variety of custodial, laundry, and janitorial duties for healthcare, hospitality/hotels, education and office spaces. I love teaching this student population. Great Plains gives me the tools and resources to truly prepare students to go to work. 

Everyone has a desire to contribute to their livelihood, have pride in jobs well done, and opportunities in their communities. Great Plains Technology Center training opens doors for students!"

Nadine Hanefield, Instructor

Enrollment is by special permission only.
For more information call Disability Services Coordinator, Kristy Barnett at 580-250-5531.

Who Can Attend?

High School Students Only


Lawton Campus

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Nadine Hanefield instructor for hospitality services

Nadine Hanefield 
Service Careers Instructor