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Culinary Program

This program prepares students as culinary assistants who perform a variety of food preparation tasks in food services and/or food preparation. Instruction provides an overview of restaurant duties, international cuisines, and management skills in the hospitality industry.


"I like demonstrating and teaching my students how core academics, like math and science, are used in the everyday world around them. I also like watching students gain the skills and self confidence through Culinary Arts and FCCLA participation that allow them to be successful in the work place. It is exciting to watch students develop an interest in one of the areas in the kitchen and then work on individual projects that allow them to independently learn and better understand."
Lori Grant, Instructor

Who Can Attend?

High School or Adult Students


Lawton Campus

Useful Information

Culinary Hospital Assistant

Culinary Coordinator

Bryan Cauthon, Culinary Arts Instructor
Bryan Cauthon
Culinary Arts Instructor


Lori Grant, Culinary Arts Instructor
Lori Grant
Culinary Arts Instructor