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Agricultural Business Management

farmer standing in front of harvesting vehicle

The Agricultural Business Management Program helps agricultural families achieve their business and family goals through improved management, organization, and efficiency practices.

The management plan you develop through the program will be logical, easily maintained and personalized to your management style and resources. The ABM Coordinator will assist you in developing this plan by helping you gather facts and information about your operation as well as identifying and utilizing all the resources available to you.

Clients learn how to use records in their financial, tax, and production based agricultural business.

Services include:

  • Information and assistance with USDA agriculture programs

  • Training and assistance with setting up and maintaining farm record keeping systems

  • Farm Services Borrower Training Certification

  • Loan assistance

  • Marketing

  • Alternative Agriculture

  • Research and assistance with equipment and other capital purchases  

  • Assistance with soil and hay testing

  • Livestock computer herd tracking programs

  • Oklahoma Farm Report

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Clint Janda, Instructor

Clinton Janda
Agri-Business Management Coordinator


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