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Changes, opportunities and challenges

In my last blog I focused on radiation and different aspects about radiation safety. In this blog, I wanted to discuss changes I will be going through as I transition from a student to a working professional, as well as opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for me as a registered Radiology Technologist. As my 2 years of demanding studies at Great Plains Technology Center race to an end, I am realizing what knowledge I have gained from the program and how well prepared for my registry and future I have become.

As students we spent most of our time in class learning about what we would be doing in the future and in preparation for our future career. Test after test sometimes it became hard to see the big picture. Being a student you always worry about what is being expected of you. Are you studying enough to make the grade you need to pass? Do you follow the rules imposed on yourself and peers as stated in the handbook? Always in the back of your mind, wondering if you are exceeding the expectations of your clinical instructors in the clinical area. When you put yourself in actual radiology technologist shoes, you see your potential job description everyday in the clinical setting. Eventually you start to learn how to apply the knowledge you are given and become more like your fellow technologists. You are able to perform the requirements of a radiology technologist’s job, which has now become normal daily routine. As the end of the program draws near, I know without a doubt I am prepared to go into the field of radiology with the knowledge and skills I need to succeed in my career.

Starting out as a new registered technologist, my training in other modalities of the Radiology Department will be limited. At my place of employment, I can be trained in C.T., M.R.I, nuclear medicine, catheterization lab, mammography, EKG, extensive surgical fluoroscopy, and diagnostic fluoroscopy. The possibilities are endless, if given the opportunity to obtain training, become certified in a specialty modality, or even pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Sciences or going further and obtaining a Master’s in Radiology Assistant.

The time has now come to put my job seeking skills to use; to fill out applications for jobs I am now qualified for and possessing the confidence of knowing I am prepared for job interviews. I know I will answer each question in a calm, collected and knowledgeable manner. My title as a student will be left behind and registered technologist will follow. In my new-found adventure in this game called life, I will now held accountable for any and all actions relating to my job title. The decision of knowing what a good radiograph is; what the radiologist will be able to see or is looking for and diagnose now rests in my capable hands. Each radiology technologist and radiologist will be different. They will each have their own way of doing things, but we must all work together to finish the exam so the patient can have the most accurate diagnosis possible. Every day will be a new day, and I will encounter patients with different personalities, but I will always keep in mind they are my reason for choosing this line of work. I must treat each person with dignity and respect regardless of whether or not they return those same courtesies; always keeping in mind that these patients are not just numbers or body part names; they are people needing answers.

The sky is the limit with radiology being such a broad and ever-changing field. I look forward to every day that I will be given the opportunity to work in the field of Radiology. Thank you again for keeping up with my blog; it makes my day worthwhile to know that I can share my experiences with you. I hope that the information I have shared will allow anyone interested in radiology technology or attending Great Plains Technology Center to be aware of the valuable experiences and opportunities I have received. Thanks for reading.